You are completely free to place those hours on the schedule the way you like. If the 20 days options makes the wrap move to a different solar system, then its contents will be locked. Also explained later are the consequences of a Citadel's destruction on active contracts. Scam warning: Accepting a courier contract to a citadel is done at your own risk, as the owner can revoke your docking access even after you've accepted the courier contract. Their average cost and production time (without skill or bonuses) is: BPOs are of course available on the market, at about ten times the price of their respective hull. Those modules all featuring some sort of Area of Effect attack, make sure that you don't hit friendlies! Hello again dear spacebros extraordinaire and welcome back to another structure blog by team Game of Drones. When that happens, the Repair Timer ends immediately, and the structure goes into "Reinforced" mode. In this mode, your overview works, as opposed to the external view. This means that all base services of the citadel are effectively free. And, you guessed it, to increase the reprocessing efficiency of a X-Large citadel, you only need one rig: Therefore to reach a similar reprocessing efficiency, citadels need a decreasing number of rigs: 4 > 2 > 1. More on how to build those will be explained later in this blog. Until 11:00 … The price tag will be ten times the hull cost, thus 6b ISK for a Medium Citadel, 70b ISK for a Large Citadel and 700b ISK for an X-Large Citadel. Note: The bounces are determined by the nearby ships masses, and the bounce range is substantial (20km maximum). Anyone can however warp to it (it appears in blue in the in-game scanner overlay, even after its done anchoring), and see the remaining anchoring time. Nevertheless, we wish you happy stockpiling and merry market manipulation hunger games. Since the 2016/08/09 (YYYY/MM/DD) release, contracts (item exchange AND courier) are now available in Citadels. Visual representation of the variation in undock angle. As always in EVE there are no simple answers.try the game: Anchoring a citadel in a nullsec system will be subject to an anchoring delay if the system contains an Infrastructure Hub owned by another player alliance. Player ships have the ability to dock in citadels. Since the Reinforced duration bases itself on the start of the fight. Not all NPC stations are eligible in every situation: This means that a small group of Low sec systems very specific in their position on the starmap, will be considered as being the "closest" to a huge proportion of null-sec. Best EVE Online services market o7. But for each structure, only the most recent change will be applied the next Sunday after 23h59m59s EVE Time. Play the world's #1 space MMO today! (One exception being an unmodifiable Access List for your current corporation, and probably one other for your alliance). Offlining Service Modules doesn't destroy jump clones, market orders, or industyr jobs, it just makes them temporarily inactive.Removing the service module from its slot will however destroy said things. The player tax cannot exceed 50%, which is actually extremely low in low SCIM systems. They are produced from some minerals plus their standard T1 or T2 counterpart. They work exactly like in stations, but docking restrictions must be taken into account when accepting or setting up contracts, as they will influence the ability for the buying party to access their items. Any damage done after this limit has been reached, will be purely and simply ignored. This is intended. Until the end of the vulnerability period at the end of the anchoring process, the structure only possesses its hull layer and cannot be fitted. This naturally implies vulnerable and reinforced states. We want to cover a very broad price tag with new structures. The repair speed is, once again, 4% per second. But then you are wasting minutes of repair timer in exchange... Or you can just wait it out, then damage the citadel precisely one second after the repair timer is complete, not leaving enough time for the owner of the citadel to refit. There can be multiple Access Lists in the same tab in a Structure Profile. Anchored near moons, POSes were both military and industrial objectives, being influential in many playstyles, in PvE like in PvP. Please remember the list below is not exhaustive of all the modules we will release over time, but only represent the first batch we intend on delivering. Like ships, you will find weapons in the high slots, e-war modules in the Meds (no resistance module available), and various passive modules in the lows for DPS, application, targeting, and fitting. Contrary to what CCP originally intended, there does not seem to be a displayed limit to the number of Corporation Offices a citadel can hold. Tech II rig can be invented or found in sites as BPCs. At the moment, there are three Service Modules: Needless to say, if you want to have reprocessing rigs, you also need to have the Reprocessing Service Module, otherwise the bonus will be useless. Don't be late! One very important aspect of Citadels that you would be unwise to neglect, is that they can also equip fighters! Admins cannot add other people in Manager or Admin position if those people have blocked them, you can circumvent this using an alt though. This way, when the defender DO spot you, they are unable to refit. Except from the hull themselves, rigs are going to be the most expensive piece of equipment to acquire. Med slots for citadels are mainly for electronic warfare: In Low and Null-sec (including Wormhole Space), a larger variety of High-slot modules are authorized. You are reading the English version of this guide. It is also possible to instantly transfer a structure to another Corporation. However, instead of being balanced around a fuckton of HPs, favoring piling on as many attackers as possible, the Citadel works quite differently... By using a Damage Threshold. Not to mention, few people could resist the call of a 200T killmail, which would severely limit the life-expectancy of the Palatine Keepstar were it to ever be built. As of the Citadel release, there is no way to know which person ejected you, so be careful when handing out this access! Instead, it has an Ammo bay, a Fighter bay, and a Fuel bay. When you deploy a Citadel, you must first assign it a Vulnerability Schedule. Finally, note that any modification of an Access List automatically updates the affected Structure Profiles. Which is incidentially what happens when a Wormhole Space Citadel is destroyed. However, the overview isn't available in this mode, including the in-space brackets, which severely limits your ability to have a clear understanding of the situation. It's a bit arbitrary, I know :p. These two lists happily coexists in the "Docking" tab of one of your Structure Profiles, even though the characters that have access to those lists aren't the same at all. Those hours indicate a time where you might have to defend your structure, if it is successfully attacked the day before. We had a look at how various structures were currently built right now and we came up to the following conclusion: With all of this in mind, we came up to the following: To do this, we are going to overhaul and use Station Components currently required to build Outposts. That is also why losing control of your Access Lists by naming rogue Admins in them can be disastrous, because losing control of them would require you to remove the lists from the Structure Profiles (which any Station Manager can do) and re-create them from scratch. WARNING: Keep in mind that Access Lists are there to configure Access Rights, otherwise you will not understand the following part. During those 7 days, the Citadel will keep undergoing its usual vulnerability timers, and any entering of the "Reinforced" state will cancel the Decommission procedure. Allies can dock, EXCEPT the bad guys. Contrary to POSes, it is therefore impossible to artificially alter the time when the reinforced will end by slowing down the attacker's DPS. This is an important piece of information, because it means that you cannot configure a structure independently, unless of course you assign a Structure Profile specifically to that structure alone. Instead, the attacking force needs to use some good old DPS to do the job. Keep DOTLAN EveMaps running! The players see "50%" tax displayed in their UI and think that it is a 50% tax on the final item value (which would have been the logical way of handling the tax) even though in reality it may only represent 0.3 or 0.1% of the final item value.

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